Creation of a graphic charter / poster / epub and website mockups.

Creation of a graphic charter / a logo / a business card / a flyer / social networks / a website and video.

Creation of a business card / a flyer / social networks / a website and videos.




Terres du Son is a festival focused on ecology, respect for biodiversity etc… We wanted to emphasize this fact. To do this we imagined a world, a world where nature takes over technology, modernity which cause many problems to the population and the planet. Our world would be in actual destruction, by nature itself, leaving place to a better world. Several graphic elements of apocalyptic world would be present like lianas, falling rocks etc… The main graphic element would be 2 characters, sitting on a log contemplating this masterpiece.

Terres du Son is a festival that takes place near Tours, France. We had the task to renew its visual identity, create a poster and mockups for a new website.  




As previously mentioned, the graphic charter  had to convey the idea of explosion and diversity. For this, colors and typography were chosen accordingly. Illustrations were made for each support and recall the theme of our visual choices.

The poster

This poster transmits all set values. The diversity with the colored dots acting as an audience. The explosion with bright colors. The poster also uses the graphic elements of the charter such as the lianas, the rocks and the two characters.

The mockups

We had the task to create mockups in coherence with our graphic charter for their new website. Graphic elements such as lianas are present but the whole had to be visible.


The epub

This epub was made to give the spectators all the important information for the good progress of the festival (programming of the artists, ticketing…).




AZ Men’s is a hair salon only for men. The desires were numerous : to keep a masculine aspect without forgetting that the hairdresser is a woman, an affection for the color blue, something refined while remaining elegant.

AZ Men’s Coiffure is a hair salon only for men. We had the task to realize print and web supports to increase its visibility and its notoriety.




The graphic charter had to, just like the logo, respect all the values of the show. The colors and typography were chosen accordingly. In addition to the colors and typographies, some information and conditions of use were placed in the graphic charter.

The logo

The logo had to convey all the values of the salon. To show that the clientele is reserved for men while knowing that the hairdresser is a woman. An elegant, fluid and reflecting the decoration of the salon.

Web Site

AZ Men’s Coiffure did not have a website. We created a website for her only to present her services because the client did not want to sell online via the website.

The prints

Business Card

The client wanted her business card to have the same aesthetic as her old one (presence of flowers). So we chose to keep the aesthetics of the plants while modernizing them with the colors of the graphic charter.


For the flyer, the client wanted something sober while keeping this aspect of fluidity. So we opted for fluid shapes.

The social media

The salon had no social networks except for a facebook account that was not updated. So we created an instagram account with a graphic redesign.

Play Video


We made a video for social media to present and highlight the professionalism of the hairdresser.



ShowMy is a print based company. Vehicle marking, textile, printing, signs, signage, advertising objects.

The prints

Business Card 

ShowMy had a vertical format business card. The horizontal format was wanted while modernizing and adding additional information to the card. All of this was added while making the graphic charter stand out more (origami and green colors).


The main request was to add images of services to illustrate the proposed services. These were added framed by the triangles reminding the graphic charter.

Web Site

The old site had not been updated since 2015, so I made a website in the current graphic standards while respecting its graphic charter. I also added some motion design to animate the website.

The social media

ShowMy was present on social networks but the updates were few. Following the graphic charter, I made a few posts and ensured a frequent update. I took pictures of the finished products.


I made 2 videos for instagram and tiktok. The goal is to present the process of making a product.

Play Video
Play Video

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